PNIEMET company was founded in 1988 and is based on private capital.

     We are a specialist company engaged in the comprehensive treatment of metals and production of spare parts for equipment used in the industry. We provide services for the repair and regeneration of toothed and worm gears
We specialize in the production of thoothed gears and other thoothed components. In addition, we produce other mechanical components made on the basis of the documentation or the client's pattern.
   We use specialized and proven technologies utilizing technical and operational resources, rich machinery park and its own design department.
In order to achieve the production targets the company has highly qualified staff.
   New customers comes constantly with new issues, that is why we expand our technical offer and respectively we expand design and manufacturing facilities.
We are fully aware that the financial success of any business increasingly depends on the ability to adapt quickly to market requirements

For the sake of our customers satisfaction , we consistently improve the quality of our products. We develop internal processes with suppliers and implement technological innovations and we  train our employees systematically.

More than twenty years of business experience enabled us to develop an effective and reliable system for customer service which high, in line with international standards quality was honored and acknowledged with Quality System Certificate ISO 9001-2015.


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